Knog Unveils Augmented Reality Packaging

Personal lighting brand Knog has developed new augmented reality-enabled packaging that the brand says, “brings its products to life straight out of the box.” Knog’s decision to embrace AR stemmed from their desire to make their packaging as eco-friendly as possible, said the company.

After changing the construction of Knog’s packaging to recyclable cardboard, Knog though it best to also remove the convenient but environmentally damaging clear plastic windows, meaning consumers only had a single photo of the product on the outside of the box to decide if this was the Knog light for them.

“This is where Knog’s approach to problem-solving has once again embraced new technologies to help find a solution,” said the company.

By providing a QR code with accompanying marker as part of the packaging design, consumers can access a full 3D model of the product inside the box, simply pointing their smartphone at the box and following the prompts.

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All new Knog packaging will now feature this AR enabled technology, with Knog plans being to continue to advance and improve their consumer’s experience at all touchpoints with the brand. The new packaging will be rolled out into retail environments in September.