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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Kitsbow Launches Mountain Bike Shorts

Kitsbow, maker of premium cycling clothing and accessories, continues to lead the cycling apparel industry in lean manufacturing with the introduction of the Mescal Ventilated Short and Zen Ventilated Cycling Liner which are available and made-to-order at Kitsbow’s factory in Old Fort, North Carolina.

The lightweight and carefully tailored men’s Mescal Ventilated Short ($175) maximizes airflow for all-day climbs and brutal descents. Featuring stretch-mesh paneling at the waist, rear yoke and behind the knees these shorts keep riders cool and comfortable on the hottest of summer rides.

The tailored fit ensures the shorts look great on and off the bike. And because they are sewn in house, the Mescal Ventilated Shorts are made with greater care and precision.

To accompany the short, riders need a liner. The men’s Zen Ventilated Cycling Liner ($155) is a well-built staple for cycling comfort. With a seven-panel construction for optimal fit, the stretch-mesh paneling ensures maximum active ventilation. The lightweight nylon compression fabric provides exceptional compression, wicking, durability and breathability and can be worn as a liner or alone as a short. Featuring a highly comfortable Cytech chamois pad, the breathable compression fabric offers comfortable support.

“We are proud to launch our first outer short that is made-to-order and hand sewn in Old Fort,” said David Billstrom, CEO of Kitsbow. “We are committed to a made-to-order, lean manufacturing model. By keeping jobs in the U.S. we strengthen the local economy here in North Carolina, and we also reduce our impact on the planet by avoiding transportation costs.”

Billstrom added, “Our team improved the design of the Mescal Ventilated Short with feedback from customers, a process that takes a full year for most brands. By running our production lines in house, we are able to deliver the best possible product with the lowest possible waste, while at the same time staying nimble and responding quickly to consumer feedback. You can expect more of the same in the future.”

Kitsbow’s made-to-order manufacturing model is part of the company’s commitment to find more sustainable solutions for apparel. TrailCycled is the term Kitsbow uses to describe the cycle of its process — creating products, choosing where to make it, shipping and even repairing it so it stays out of the landfill. Kitsbow uses sustainable packaging with its boxes made from 40 percent recycled content from a box maker located an hour away from Kitsbow.


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