Katadyn Partners with World Hope International

Katadyn announced a partnership with World Hope International (WHI), a Christian relief and development non-profit organization working with vulnerable and exploited communities worldwide. Through this partnership, World Hope International will provide Katadyn water filtration technologies to people and communities in need of clean and safe drinking water.

“We are thrilled to partner with World Hope International—deploying Katadyn Group emergency and preparedness products more effectively to those who need them most,” said Shawn Hostetter, president of Katadyn North America. “Over four months after Hurricane Maria’s destruction, a large portion of Puerto Rico is still in need of access to clean water. World Hope International and Katadyn are joining forces to help the people of Puerto Rico, and act quickly to address future needs for safe drinking water following disasters.”

World Hope International believes that access to fresh water helps to sustain and prolong life, prevents the spread of disease, promotes an increased quality of life, and increases time for economic productivity. The organization has worked to drill clean water wells and provide necessary sanitation in some of the world’s most impoverished communities since 2004. In addition, its emergency response programs have played a pivotal role in providing fresh drinking water to those in need following the world’s largest disasters.

Katadyn most recently engaged WHI to support relief efforts in Puerto Rico and surrounding islands following Hurricane Maria in 2017. WHI’s on-the-ground network helped to facilitate the delivery of Katadyn water filtration devices to families, schools, churches, and individuals across affected areas. In addition, WHI deployed Katadyn’s Spectra Watermakers solar-powered desalination system in Salt Cay, a sparsely populated island in Turks and Caicos.

“Water was the number one need in the Caribbean following Hurricane Maria. With Katadyn as an ally, WHI was able to respond quickly to that need by providing multiple sources for clean water,” said John Lyon, chief executive officer and president of World Hope International. “Katadyn makes quality products that are easy to use, durable and lightweight – all very important attributes for our emergency response efforts but also for our ongoing water development programs. We’re excited for this partnership and what it means to our mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to those in need.”

Those interested in supporting this partnership can donate directly to WHI to help provide water filters to those in need in Puerto Rico and beyond. To learn more and to get involved, please visit: worldhope.org/give-katadyn.

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