Is America Ready to Try on Clothes Again?

Americans currently are split on whether or not they are ready and willing to on that new pair of pants or bathing suit. According to data compiled by YouGov, 43 percent of Americans are somewhat or very comfortable trying on clothes at a store after the pandemic, while the same number (43%) said they are somewhat or very uncomfortable.

Nearly half (49%) of men say they’re comfortable compared to 37 percent of women. Gen Xers are more likely (22%) to be “very comfortable” with the notion, while Baby Boomers are more likely to be “very uncomfortable” (20%).

Perhaps most notable, and seemingly somewhat counterintuitive, is how comfortable online shoppers are compared to offline. About one in five (21%) of those who mainly or always shop offline are very comfortable with trying on new clothes in-person at the store. A little more than a quarter (28%) of those who typically evenly shop for clothing both online and in-person say they’re somewhat uncomfortable with the notion of heading into a store changing room.

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In some states, as well as in some parts of Canada, retail is already up and running, providing glimpse at what fashion retail will look like in the COVID-19 age. Some measures to make customer feel safe include keeping clothing off shelves after a customer tries them on, making appointments and only using every other change room.