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  1. Harold Olaf Cecil
    Harold Olaf Cecil at |

    Thank you for pointing out this trend. We’ve seen it for years now as vendors at Overland Expo, and here where we’re based in Bend, Oregon the convergence of overlanding and outdoor recreation are on parade every daty. But you left out motorcycles! There are a lot more people using motorcycles for transportation for adventures, camping off the bike, than you probably realize – and no one is collecting the data. Many friends and customers who ride motorcycles work in and participate in the outdoor industry. I just attended the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, where I met with several of our vendors/suppliers, customers and friends who ride and camp.

  2. Martin Vilaboy
    Martin Vilaboy at |

    Thanks Harold, for the comment. You are right. Although I am aware motorcycles are a big part of this story and included in my definition of ‘motorized vehicles,’ they were underemphasized and only mentioned in passing. Perhaps I can dig up some data and do a story solely on motorcycling camping.