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Inside Outdoor Spring 2012

Inside Outdoor Spring 2012 (Digital Edition)

Inside Outdoor Spring 2012 Features:

(10) Minimalism’s Next Steps – by Ernest Shiwanov
Despite the not-so-unexpected rash of injuries to the unaccustomed, minimalist running is still white hot, with running shoe designers and biomechanics experts continuing to experiment and challenge long held conventions. So is the product on a roll, or has the other shoe began to drop? You decide.

(22) Barefoot Gets Reexamined – by Ernest Shiwanov
Our expert offers his take on the impact of the class action lawsuit brought upon FiveFingers/Vibram this past March.

(24) Why Wi-Fi – by Martin Vilaboy
The trend toward in-store comparison shopping or ‘showrooming’ does not appear likely to abate. Guest host Wi-Fi provides retailers with a way to “control the conversation,” while providing physical stores with a more personal, more interactive and more online-like customer experience.

Inside Outdoor Magazine Departments:

Data Points
(8) Numbers Worth Noting
Pinning hopes on Pinterest; PE class; video instructions; WAP or app; and much more…

(14) Fashion Sense
New show goes Above Tree Line

(30) Landline Streamlined
Improving store communications

Fresh from Friedrichshafen
(32) Outdoor Europe 2012 Product Showcase

Floor Space
(40) Perfect Landing
The importance of proper timing

Back Office
(42) Cash Business
Trends in working capital management

(44) The Green Glossary
Defining the movementHere

(6) Letter from the Editor

(12) Rep Moves and News

(50) Advertiser Index

Inside Outdoor Spring 2012 (Digital Edition)

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