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Friday, June 18, 2021

In Solidarity Project Launches Grant Program to Support Underrepresented Community Members

Under the leadership of Teresa Baker (pictured), the founder of the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge, In Solidarity Project is launching a grant program to support underrepresented, underserved and marginalized communities in the outdoors. The In Solidarity grant program will award $500 every month and is open to individuals and nonprofits in service of people of color, LGBTQ+ community members, people with disabilities and people of size.

The grant cycle begins July 1, 2020. Applicants must reside in the United States and can apply by visiting tinyurl.com/insolidaritygrants and aroviding a short description of their work (75 words or less) and a link that shows their work (a website, article, or social media platform). The first recipient will be announced July 6, 2020.

“Let us commit to moving forward In Solidarity,” said Baker. “May we be exhausted, may we be weary, may we be determined, and may we all rise victorious in the process.”

Baker is also inviting companies to match the monthly grants. For more information about this matching opportunity, companies should email outdoorceopledge@gmail.com.

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