Implus Helps Elementary Class Donate Socks to Homeless

Implus, a provider of athletic, fitness, and outdoor accessories, is helping a class of elementary students give back to their community by donating 1,000 pairs of socks. Skye Davis, a special education teacher at Join Muir Elementary School, consistently looks for opportunities for her students to be involved in the community by taking them on walks in neighborhoods near the school. During one of their walks, her class noticed a large homeless population in the area. After some research, they found there are 921 homeless people in Santa Monica, CA.

The students decided on a special mission for the holiday season: to raise money to buy 1,000 pairs of socks for the homeless in Santa Monica. This project is completely student-lead with assistance from Ms. Davis, and began with the creation of a GoFundMe page with a goal to raise $1,000. While searching for bulk socks at a discount, a connection was made and Implus stepped in to help. The footwear accessories company offered to donate 1,000 pairs of black crew socks free of charge to Ms. Davis’s class so they can quickly fulfill their donation.

“We think it’s incredible that these students saw a need in their community and took initiative to help,” said Todd Vore, President of Implus. “Giving back to the community is something we value in both in our homes and as a company. It’s fantastic that these kids are giving back at such a young age, and we are honored to help with their mission.”

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Implus shipped the socks directly to Ms. Davis’s classroom so the students had hands-on experience in organizing the socks and preparing them for distribution. They are still receiving monetary donations, including a donation from the Mayor of Santa Monica.

Photo: Students at John Muir Elementary School with Sof Sole socks