GORE-TEX Expands Outerwear On Demand to Vermont

The GORE-TEX brand, synonymous with high-performance, durable technical fabrics, expands its Outerwear on Demand program to Killington and Jay Peak ski resorts in Vermont. The action marks the first time the ski clothing rental program is available to consumers east of the Rocky Mountain region.

Outerwear On Demand is a stress-free ski and snowboard clothing rental program that makes it easier for people to hit the slopes in great-looking, highest-performing jackets and pants — no packing, lugging or splurging required.

Since launching four years ago, Outerwear on Demand has introduced the program across 13 resort and retail locations throughout North America. The program is poised to expand into Vermont’s winter sports communities that see nearly 4 million visitors during the ski season.

The availability of Outerwear on Demand in Vermont creates an opportunity for those families and adventurers who are new to the sport and aren’t yet ready to invest in high-end gear as well as infrequent skiers and snowboarders who don’t go to the mountain often enough to warrant buying premium gear.

Outerwear on Demand offers streamlined convenience for travelers without compromising on the quality of technology while vacationing.

Crafted with GORE-TEX product technologies, each garment offers the trademarked GORE-TEX GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY promise, windproof protection and superb breathability, all while delivering premier comfort, performance and style for various conditions.

The GORE-TEX brand has stood at the pinnacle of outdoor durable performance, protecting snow sports recreationists and outdoor enthusiasts for years, setting the stage for the Outerwear on Demand program, assuring a hassle-free rental experience and providing ski and snowboard enthusiasts with the most technical garments on the mountain.

For eco-conscious consumers, the Outerwear on Demand program presents an alternative option, offering skiers and snowboarders “usership” in addition to traditional “ownership.” This is made possible by the lasting durability of GORE-TEX products.

After each rental, Outerwear on Demand’s garments are subject to a thorough, multi-point professional inspection and then professionally cleaned. Once refreshed to the company’s high standards, the garments are returned to service for their next adventure.

For additional details about the program, please visit www.gore-tex.com/experience/rentals