Goldwin Launches First Batch Largest-ever U.S. Apparel Collection

Japanese technical outdoor apparel brand, Goldwin, launched the first batch of its Spring 2020 collection in the U.S. The first batch of the collection includes 40 all-new products for early spring; more products will be launched throughout the remainder of the season, bringing the total number of all-new Goldwin products in the collection to approximately 80, the largest Goldwin collection to date. The initial collection is now available for purchase in the US at Goldwin’s new store in San Francisco and online.

The new products range from high-performance outdoor apparel, stylish city-to-mountain lifestyle apparel, and athletic apparel designed for the sweatiest pursuits, many of which feature technical materials from GORE-TEX and Pertex. The size and scope of the new collection demonstrates Goldwin’s significant US growth in recent years, said the company, as well as its commitment to expanding its product offerings to US customers.

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“Goldwin is a 69-year-old company with a global presence, but the United States represents one of the fastest-growing and most exciting markets for us,” said Jared Fickel, Goldwin’s San Francisco store manager. “In November 2019 we opened our first-ever US store in San Francisco, and with the launch of our new Spring 2020 collection, US customers will have access to more Goldwin gear than ever before.”

Each product in the first batch of the Spring 2020 collection is designed for the still cold and slightly wet beginning of spring in the U.S. The remainder of the Spring 2020 collection, which will be launched over the course of the spring season, is intended for the warmer spring and summer months.