Get Your Child Jamming to the Great Outdoors

For many of today’s kids, the outdoors are mostly just a backdrop to whatever they may be watching or playing on a phone, tablet or computer. These electronics are a little too good at capturing the attention of young minds, and it may be causing them to miss out on real adventures they could be having outside of the comforts of their homes.

Enter JamGuy! JamGuy Discovers the Great Outdoors is a children’s story with pre-sales taking place through August. The book is the tale of a simple jam jar that follows its intuition to find what is missing in life and ends up discovering a world of adventure in the outdoors.

The book is written by Matt Benedick, whose love for the outdoors started in the Shenandoah Mountains, where his family would spend two weeks out of every year to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with each other and nature.

The beauty and power of these sweeping landscapes filled Benedick with a sense of awe, inspiration, and quiet renewal. These were the feelings that helped him through a challenging time in life, and it became his mission to share the regenerative properties nature has on the mind and body with others.

To share his message, Benedick created What Could Be Better? (WCBB?), a Wellness Company, one feature of which is an apparel brand with empowering and fun messages to motivate people. It was from one of his shirts, “What’s Your Jam?” the creation of JamGuy was inspired.

More than just an entertaining story, this book is meant to inspire children to find their own adventures away from the comfort of their screens and out in real nature. JamGuy Discovers the Great Outdoors is a children’s book that can get your little one excited about what adventures lie outside of their neighborhood, town or city.

Th book series takes a unique approach to getting children excited about getting outdoors. From exploring nature and discovering new activities to experiencing the simple joys of breathing fresh air, children will learn all about the fun they can have in the great outdoors.

Children will be enthralled by JamGuy’s adventures. They will learn a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, rock climbing, and more, and laugh with the fun-loving and quirky cast of new jams that help JamGuy along the journey.

The optimistic and ever-smiling jam is sure to be loved by kids. With this book, you can help your little ones find their own connection to nature and a love of exploration.

With fun and visually captivating illustrations, and an engaging story, JamGuy Discovers the Great Outdoors is a must-have for any parent looking to introduce their children to nature. With its fun and optimistic tale, children will fall in love with JamGuy and the adventures. Support the release of this soon-to-be classic by pre-ordering your copy today and help your little ones find their own connection to nature.