Gear Aid Brings McNett Tactical into Fold

Effective immediately, GEAR AID will now have McNett Tactical products in its line of Adventure Tools. Specifically, the use of the “McNett Tactical” name will be discontinued. This rebrand will also introduce new packaging for Camo Form, Op Drops, Microfiber Towels, Gruntline and Sleep Mask.

What’s more, many items previously known as McNett Tactical products can now be found under the GEAR AID Adventure Tools collection. These products have started shipping to customers in new packaging that aligns with the current GEAR AID style and aesthetics. “By focusing on a single brand, we hope to increase awareness and improve the sale of our multifunctional products across the country and overseas,” says Sean Fields, VP Brand. 

Customers will soon recognize GEAR AID branding on Camo Form, Op Drops, Microfiber Towels, Gruntline, and Sleep Mask packaging. “This has been a big project for our team. However, it is exciting to tell our customers a cohesive brand story with relevant packaging that speaks to a wider audience,” says Clark Campbell, GEAR AID president.

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This transition of bringing McNett Tactical under GEAR AID marks the final stage of a multi-year rebranding campaign.