Forward Outdoor Retains New Management with Industry Veterans

FORWARD, a brand synonymous with progressive freeskiing and snowboarding gear, launched its FW24/25 collection, under new management yet marked by a renewed commitment to innovation and sustainability. Retaining its legacy of crafting technically superior, durably-made and progressive outdoor apparel for premium performance, FORWARD is poised to embrace a new era with unyielding focus on excellence and sustainability within its products.

FORWARD is headed by industry leaders Tony McWilliam and Lionnel Ducruet. Global brand director, Tony McWilliam stands as a visionary figure in the realm of action sports. As the founder of Faction Skis, the driving force behind the eco-friendly techwear brand GHOSTS and creative genius behind Candide Thovex’s iconic outerwear and skis, McWilliam assumes the responsibility of shaping long-term vision and overseeing day-to-day operations.

“My journey with FORWARD began in 2016 with the creation of the initial project vision at a time when the world was just awakening to the urgency of climate change,” said McWilliam. “FORWARD offers unparalleled style, uncompromising performance and genuine sustainability solutions from the outset, and after five years working on other amazing projects I look forward to leading the team into the future.”

McWilliam’s counterpart is new head of product, Lionnel Ducruet. Ducruet started as a pattern maker on the factory floor, a position from which he ascended to become brand director of French legacy brand Eider and Killy.

“Sustainability is not merely a buzzword; it is intrinsic to our identity,” said Ducruet. “We are at the vanguard of industry transformation, championing innovations such as recycled and bio-based materials, waste reduction strategies and a holistic approach encompassing rental, resale, repair and end-of-life collection initiatives. Furthermore, we have groundbreaking projects in the pipeline that will redefine industry standards.”

Three main style lines define FORWARD’s repertoire:

  • Tech-laden Manifest, for the high alpine adventurers lasered in on premium performance.
  • Inbound-inclined Catalyst, for prioritizing stylish, clean designs that retain performance.
  • Root, for lightweight protection on warmer days.

Each piece is interwoven with sustainability throughout, with recycled, bio-based, PVAS-free DWR materials. Intentional design with longevity in each piece’s life cycle is top priority, with end-of-life collections and recycling programs integrated into FORWARD’s DNA.

The 23/24 collection is available to retailers and riders now at