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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

FlipBelt Partners with MIIEGO Headphones

FlipBelt, the activewear brand behind the ultimate carry-all fitness belt, has partnered with MIIEGO to offer the latest in wireless headphone technology.

Featuring crystal-clear sound quality and a long-lasting (more than 11 hours) charge, MIIEGO headphones are known for their soft ON-EAR design and fit that doesn’t isolate your ears. Rather, it gives you situational awareness, where you still receive ambient noise and signals from your surroundings. You can listen to your music and have the peace of mind that you’ll hear the traffic during your run, or work-out. The ON-EAR design also means that it doesn’t irritate the inside of your ear canal or give you sore ears. A no worry about earbuds constantly falling out of your ears or getting full of earwax.

Each pair of headphones is guaranteed with a one year warranty.

MIIEGO’s AL3+ Woman 

The most unique in the line, the MIIEGO AL3+ Woman have been specifically designed to meet the needs and fit of women’s active lifestyles, while the AL3+ FREEDOM (pictured top) headphones feature a uniquely designed neckband that is soft and flexible, making it easy for them to comfortably remain in place for an extended period of time even while aggressively moving and jumping around. The MIIEGO M1 Wireless Sport Earphones, meanwhile, are created for action and sport, allowing wearers to move freely, without the hassle of annoying cables. Their anti-slip ear hooks fit comfortably and securely over the wearer’s ears.

MIIEGO M1 Wireless

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