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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Finisterre BioSmock Wins Gold ISPO Outstanding Award

Finisterre’s BioSmock was presented a Gold ISPO Outstanding Award in the Insulation Apparel Category at the ISPO Munich trade show. The BioSmock is a clean insulation layer that allows it to be used in a layering system but also will work as a shell.

The ISPO Jury citation read: “The Finisterre BioSmock is the leading example of the Circular Economy in performance apparel. It’s a practical insulation layer that uses the most advanced PrimaLoft BIO technology combined with HD Wool Active Insulation to create comfort in almost every condition. Champions the end-of-life: woven compostable shell and thermoregulating insulation. When all other items are trying to reduce their environmental footprint, this garment has the potential to be climate positive through using regenerative practices.”

The British sustainable outdoor brand’s lead designer, A. Todd, created the water repellent and windproof BioSmock to be functional following the performance direction of the company’s pioneering B Corp business platform. The garment’s outer shell is made with new PrimaLoft BIO woven technology, a PFC-free synthetic material woven by Amaterrace of Japan, which is biodegradable on land and sea.

The insulating layer is provided by HD Wool in the form of a wool/PLA compound that decomposes safely in marine environments when microbes are introduced.

HD Wool Active Insulation uses a blend of non-Merino wool known for its greater physical durability. Furthering its naturally sustainable moisture management and thermo-regulating benefits, HD Wool Active Insulation is sourced from farmers who have started the ReGenerative Agricultural process by having their land subjected to an annual Ecological Outcome Verification by the Savory Institute to show progress in land-to-market objectives – namely restoring the biodiversity of the land, improving soil health, creating better natural irrigation, and sequestering carbon.

“The team at Finisterre are incredibly passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and pushing boundaries to make the best products it can,” said Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, managing director, HD Wool insulation. “As we share these same passions, collaborating with the team on the BioSmock project was a true privilege and we congratulate them on winning the coveted – and deserved – Gold ISPO Outstanding Award.”

The Finisterre BioSmock will be available for purchase in Autumn Winter 2021/22.

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