Extreme Mist Unveils Personal Cooling System

Mesa, Ariz.-based ExtremeMist PCS, LLC just announced the launch of the world’s first compact, lightweight, hands-free, professional-grade Personal Cooling System (PCS). The ExtremeMist PCS was designed to keep hikers, runners and cycling enthusiasts cooler, greatly extending their summer outdoor activity opportunities.

The PCS is available as a complete system, the ExtremeMist Hydration Vest, or as a retrofit kit that can be installed in most hydration bladder packs – leaving the drinking hose intact for dual use.

The ExtremeMist PCS provides a continuous fine mist in front of the user, creating a cooling cloud with reduced temperature up to 30 degrees F.  The PCS measures only 7.5” x 3.5” x 1.5” and weighs 20oz., including its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. The unit’s high-PSI pump has 8 speed settings, all controlled via a wireless key fob.

On the recommended hiking/running/cycling speed, the average water consumption is approximately 1.5 to 2 cups per hour. A fully-charged battery lasts about six hours at high-speed and approximately 16 hours on the lower speeds that will typically be used. The system is designed to alert the user that the battery is low by reducing access to higher speeds. This also ensures that the system can still be used as the charge diminishes, rather than just cutting out.
“With over two years of development and testing, we’re proud of the ExtremeMist PCS and what it can do,” said Ron Laikind, founder of ExtremeMist PCS, LLC. “I live in Arizona, the hottest state in the union, and the PCS lets me get out and do the activities I love – even during the hottest summer months. It’ll become your favorite piece of outdoor gear.”

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Until now, high-pressure misting systems have been mainly restricted to home and commercial markets, along with a few low-end pump-up systems.  Personal systems are typically hand-held, mini fan-style misters. The ExtremeMist PCS fills the gap with a professional-grade, hands-free system designed for active people, said Laikind.

The system can be customized with multiple nozzles – dual, triple and quad-head – for use in or out of a pack. The company is working on several additional applications, including solar charging for long adventures, a lawn-mower attachment, and an integrated safety vest for construction workers, traffic police, and municipal road workers.

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