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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Everest.com Launches Caliber Day for Growing Customer Base

Everest.com, a multi-merchant marketplace for the outdoor recreation world, has announced the launching of Caliber Day to better the experience of its Caliber members and reward them for their ongoing commitment to the success of the community.

Via Caliber, members currently receive free shipping on select items, gain access to Everest’s robust streaming service, and attain unbeatable discounts across more than 700 locations throughout the country, Ib average, each Caliber member realizes approximately $3,000 worth in savings every year on restaurants, theme parks, shopping, movie theatres, gasoline and more.

Caliber members will be rewarded for their loyalty and partnership on May 3 and 4, by receiving temporary access to even greater discounts, surpassing the already 45 percent average discounts in place, across all their favorite products.

Caliber Day will be a yearly perk for members. Over the past year, Everest has on-boarded more than 1,000 new sellers and are in line to manage over a billion dollars’ worth of inventory from its various premium sellers.

Everest founder and CEO Bill Voss said,  “With Caliber Day we seek to reward Caliber members for their ongoing loyalty by giving them access to an incredible number of discounts across premium products that would otherwise be more expensive on other sites.

“We want to not only provide our customers with amazing deals that are superior to any others in the industry, but we also want to bring extreme discounts to our members. Our sellers have really stepped up to bring the Caliber community incredible value! Caliber Day is yet another milestone in our growth, positioning Everest to become the leading marketplace for the outdoor recreation world.z”

He added, “In the coming year, we expect to on-board a far greater number of sellers and continue to provide the best deals in the industry to our Caliber members, as well as excellent quality, unbeatable customer service, and accessibility to an ever-growing and diverse portfolio of top products and attractions.”

Everest prides itself for its community-driven platform where users can participate, interact, learn, contribute and shop, all while visiting the world’s largest online marketplace in the space. Everest is committed to providing excellent service, unparalleled quality and staggering value that customers in today’s digital age deserve.

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