EORA, NESR Emerge Under New Brand Identity

Last fall, EORA (Eastern Outdoor Reps Association) and NESR (New England Sports Representatives) formally merged and named themselves Eastern Active Sports Reps, bringing together 675 reps and 2,900 retailers at 12 markets and expos each year along the East Coast. Earlier this year the two rep groups solidified that organizational merger by a majority vote of both memberships. And this week, the non-profit trade organization officially went live with its new name and branding, 360 Adventure Collective.

Each non-profit association, started in 1979, has been successfully run for reps by reps in an effort to support independent and non-independent sales representatives of outdoor apparel, footwear, accessories and gear for all things from sea to ski, combined. NESR, focused predominantly on winter sports prior to the merger, recognized the need for an expanded portfolio in an increasingly dynamic retail environment.

“In 2016, we experienced a winter without snow which led to the demise of numerous multi-door retailers, as well as increased pressure from direct-to-consumer and online channels,” stated NESR President, Will Masson. “We were looking for ways to stay relevant to consumers as were our vendors and retailers.”

“For us, the merger proposed a larger body of reps operating under a common name and shared passion for the outdoor industry,” added EORA president, Allison Frazier. “As retailers and vendors weigh which shows to attend and support, 360 Adventure Collective offers the value of hands-on, regional expertise and compounding knowledge that many of our less-focused counterparts can’t. Additionally, a unified, larger membership body helps our reps lobby for the most competitive discounts for our retailers.”

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Under their new name 360 Adventure Collective, regional markets and expos along the East Coast still represent their differentiating appeal to reps and retailers over the more costly national, for profit alternatives.

“Our shows are smaller and typically more convenient, which not only streamlines my business in writing orders, but it allows my customers the opportunity to experience more of each line more intimately,” says 360 Adventure Collective rep, Samantha Flamand, “without the need for costly travel or loss in work time for all involved.”

360 Adventure Collective hosts 12 markets and expos each year along East Coast, as far north as New Hampshire to as far south as Alabama, offering a variety of retail representation and regional expertise in outdoor apparel, footwear, accessories and virtually all facets of technical gear for hiking, climbing, downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, canoeing, camping, paddle boarding and more.

For more information, check out www.360adventurecollective.org or contact them at 828.252.7956.

360 Adventure Collective Board Members: Phil Flamand, President; Mel Chrestman JR., Southeast Regional VP; Norman Pitt; Kevin Brew, Mid Atlantic Regional VP; Kelly Fischer; Ray Ferrand; Scott Heald, New England Regional VP; Scott Dawson; Jim Judd

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