Cotopaxi Foundation to Support Global Poverty Alleviation

Cotopaxi, a Certified B Corp that creates outdoor products and events, will launch its own foundation to broaden the scope of its impact and corporate social responsibility. The Cotopaxi Foundation will support the company’s commitment to “Do Good” by providing grants, facilitating community engagement and formalizing the company’s efforts to build inclusive economies and alleviate poverty.

“When we launched Cotopaxi five years ago, it was our dream to build a brand that would inspire adventure and move people to do good,” said Davis Smith, CEO and co-founder of Cotopaxi. “Launching our own foundation will allow us to take an even greater stand in championing the causes at the core of our mission. At this stage of our maturity, Cotopaxi is thrilled to take this next step towards doing its part to equalize opportunity and build complete communities.”

Cotopaxi will give a portion of its revenue to the foundation to support the company’s impact initiatives and humanitarian partners such as the International Rescue Committee, United Nations Foundation, and Escuela Nueva, which provide health, education, and financial assistance in Latin America and domestically here in the US. Further, the Cotopaxi Foundation will launch its own programs and events through its Questival adventure race series to facilitate social innovation challenges and large scale volunteering.

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“Launching a private foundation is the next step for us as a company and signals our commitment to remain at the forefront of the conscious capitalism movement,” said Annie Agle, Director of Impact at Cotopaxi. “The foundation will allow us to directly deploy our brand and resources to service the communities and issues we seek to help and advance.”

Cotopaxi is dedicated to ensuring that its mission to Do Good is continually expanded upon and committed to, and along with sustainable gear construction and community building, the Foundation allows the brand to award grants to outstanding nonprofit partners who are carefully selected for their track records at improving the human condition and alleviating poverty.