COCOON to Sponsor Big North Pole Expedition

COCOON announced its sponsorship of Big North Pole Expedition, which sets out in April. The B.I.G Team embarks on a challenging 10-day journey to the top of the world. The team will face extreme temperatures, rugged terrain and unpredictable weather conditions as they trek across the Arctic ice.

COCOON will provide the expedition team with its Hooded Vapor Barrier Liner. The liner, which is made from a light weight, non-breathable, waterproof, material, will deliver crucial protection for the team against the harsh elements of the Arctic.

The Hooded Vapor Barrier Liner, which is a part of CCOOON’s range of outdoor products, has been designed to keep the explorers warm in the most extreme conditions. The liner helps maintain the insulation and loft of a sleeping bag by protecting it from body moisture.

“We are confident that our Hooded Vapor Barrier Liner will play a vital role in helping the team overcome the challenges of the Arctic and achieve their goals,” said Travis McMaster, general manager of COCOON USA

The Big North Pole Expedition is an important milestone in the field of polar exploration, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting the planet’s fragile ecosystems. The B.I.G team will be collecting data for several critical research studies throughout the expedition in collaboration with key scientific experts

COCOON is committed to the protection of the environment and the use of sustainable materials in the production of its outdoor products.

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