Chamois Butt’r Ships Eco-Friendly Retail Packaging

Chamois Butt’r, the skin lubricant and chamois cream developed to improve riding comfort, boasts a new, more environmentally-friendly Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) that can be put straight onto the shelf or display hook with a limited amount of unpacking.

“In doing research and analysis for this project, we determined that approximately 80-percent of the Chamois Butt’r POP displays were discarded into the trash or hopefully recycled. They were never used by the retailer or seen by the consumer so it was wasteful,” said Curt Shelman, COO, Paceline Products/Chamois Butt’r. “This new RRP will be just one box that easily converts into a POP display, and will result in less packaging and waste and it will save time unpacking.”

Printed with environmentally-friendly ink, the new packaging meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards, and the products used in the manufacturing are from “Certified Sourced” fibers. Chamois Butt’r 8-oz. tubes of Original, Her’, and Eurostyle creams will ship in the new Retail Ready Packaging beginning in March 2018.

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