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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Camping World Invests in Audio Entertainment App

Camping World Holdings Inc. announced a technology platform investment in HearHere, the mobile audio entertainment app for travelers.

The company plans to integrate HearHere into its proprietary trip planning tool to provide consumers real-time content as they travel throughout the country. The proprietary trip planning tool is part of the acquisition announced earlier this week of campground booking engine, Nomad Reservations. This investment expands Camping World’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology in the RV and outdoor marketplace.

HearHere is a subscription-based audio app that provides content and stories from a historical, natural and cultural perspective based on the consumer’s location to bring the landscape to life. The professional content narration, from a host of top voice talent, allows the consumer to explore the great outdoors, while gaining knowledge and awareness of the surrounding areas by engaging with the app. HearHere is working on expanding its content library to include more than 10,000 stories about places, people and events in the United States.

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