California Outdoor Industry Group Forms

Spearheaded by a board of directors and comprised of outdoor industry professionals experienced in launching and managing profitable businesses, the California Outdoor Recreation Partnership (CORP) will advocate on sustainable economic development in California’s growing and vibrant $92B outdoor recreation economy.

“Access to quality outdoor recreation should be a right of every Californian. This is a critical time for the

California outdoor industry and its non-profit allies to organize and advocate for California Public Lands and for improved park access for urban under-parked communities. This is why we formed CORP, ” said Steve Barker, CORP board nember

CORP hit the ground running in Fall 2017 with active inputs to major legislative initiatives in California such as Prop 68. Members of CORP met with lawmakers and created awareness for the support of the $4.1 billion parks bond which passed in June of 2018. In August of 2018, CORP members collaborated with California lawmakers on the passing of AB 1918, which would have created the Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation in the state. The bill was vetoed by outgoing-Governor Jerry Brown, but CORP believe it could have success in this regard with the new administration.

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“As an outdoor gear brand based in California since 2001, we are excited to be part of a state-based organization that unites our industry. This is an opportunity to educate and influence our state political leaders about the importance of outdoor recreation participation and access,” said Matt Lyon, president of HydraPak LLC.

“The outdoor industry is increasingly a political force in statehouses across the country. CORP will galvanize our industry and engage lawmakers on meaningful legislation to improve economic development opportunities, increase access, and protect and enhance California’s portfolio of public

Lands,” added David Weinstein, state and local policy director, Outdoor Industry Association.

Membership in CORP is open to all businesses whose principal activity is in the active outdoor recreation industry, including manufacturers, brands, retailers and guide groups. It is also open to individual professionals and advocacy groups that have direct interests in outdoor recreation.

On February 25, CORP will be leading an advocacy and lobbying day – Summit Sacramento. If you are a

California outdoor industry leader and would like to participate, visit CORP at or email