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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Boardworks Surf Acquires Global Licensing to Rogue Brand

Southern Calif.-based Boardworks announced its global license agreement with Rogue, an authentic core performance SUP and surf brand, founded in 2008. This announcement comes on the heels of the company’s appointment of Rogue founder Rick Karr as Boardworks’ new general manager in January 2017.

“The Rogue license is a central part of our Boardworks’ brand re-launch strategy,” said Karr. “The addition of Rogue in our lineup creates a comprehensive product offering, taking our premium performance to the next level.”

Boardworks is debuting a new visual identity and reimagined board collection strategy. The new collections tout multiple new board categories, designs and the debut of the Rogue Performance line.The Rogue collection features performance-driven race, surf and SUP foil designs.

“The opportunity to shape the future of the Boardworks line utilizing Rogue’s performance lineage is something we are stoked about,” said Boardworks’ new Brand Manager, Andrew Mencinsky. “Rogue complements a completely redesigned Boardworks line and our team is fired up about the launch of the brands and the future.”

Confluence Outdoor acquired Boardworks in January 2015, and has put financial and strategic backing in place.

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