Bioforce Opens New York City Offices

Bioforce USA, dedicated to supporting brand development for European companies in the U.S. natural products industry, announced the opening of its new marketing office in New York City. Located at 135 E. 57th Street, the new office supports brand development for the six companies Bioforce USA represents exclusively in the U.S. including: Annemarie Borlind, A. Vogel, Bionorica, Herbatint, Sanhelios and Secure.

“New York City is the heart and soul of consumer marketing—where most of the major brand-marketers create and conduct business,” said Pierce Sioussat, President and CEO of Bioforce USA. “NYC therefore, is the logical place for us to work and grow the exclusive Bioforce USA brands.”

Bioforce USA’s operational headquarters will remain in the bucolic Hudson Valley, where it was established in 1998.  “While we maintain our integral connection to the natural setting of the Hudson River Valley, the new office brings us closer to the hub of our industry and global CPG commerce,” added Sioussat.

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With the opening of the Manhattan office, professional staff is also expanding. Georgiana Rowley joins the New York team as Brand Manager for Annemarie Bӧrlind skin care products. Rowley brings more than 10 years of brand sales, marketing and business development experience, as well as five years as an entrepreneur in the fashion accessories industry.

“Georgiana brings a depth of focus to the Bӧrlind brand that will be increasingly important as we navigate the competitive natural products skin care landscape. She will ensure that our retailer support programs are robust, that our offerings remain current and relevant, and that we are positioned to continue building what is already one of the industry’s most successful, iconic beauty brands,” said Sioussat.

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