Asics Invests in Motion Analysis Start-Up

Japanese sportswear multinational Asics Corporation announced this week that it has taken an equity stake in Curv Labs, an AI technology startup based in Canada, through its investment subsidiary Asics Ventures Corporation. Asics is hoping to develop its motion analysis services with this latest investment, said the company.

Founded in Toronto in 2017 and led by Shea Balish, Curv Labs has developed software which uses AI vision technology to turn the cameras of mobile devices into motion capture tools, allowing smartphones and other devices to measure and analyse user motion. Asics’ investment in Curv Labs is the latest step in its promotion of solution services focused on motion analysis, a program which involves the development of the Kobe-based multinational’s own running form analysis app, the Asics Running Analyzer.
According to the company, Asics is hoping to “further deepen and broaden” its motion analysis services through joint development with Curv Labs targeting a range of different sports categories.
Curv Labs previously took part in the first edition of the Asics Tenkan-Ten Growth Catalyst accelerator program, having received mentoring, networking and financial support, as well as other high-performance services, from Asics.
The value of Asics’ investment in Curv Labs was not disclosed.

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