Webinar Examines e-Bike Usage on Trails

On February 28 at 10am Pacific time, AmericanTrials.org is hosting on webinar titled, “Now That e-Bikes Are On Trails, What Do We Know?” Registration for the event is now open.

This webinar is a continuation of the 2017 webinar on e-bike access and management, designed to highlight “what we know” about e-bike use on paved, soft surface, and singletrack trails. Drawing from a recently published online study out of Portland State University, on-the-ground knowledge from Jefferson County, Colo., and trail management lessons from Europe, this webinar will provide attendees a range of case studies at the local, state, federal, and international levels to understand and manage e-bikes on a variety of infrastructure.

Pricing for the webinar is $19 for members and $39 nonmembers.

Webinar Presenters

  • Morgan Lommele, E-Bike Campaign Manager, PeopleForBikes
  • Chris Bernhardt, Principal, C2 Recreation Consulting
  • Mary Ann Bonnell, Visitor Services Manager, Jefferson County Open Space, CO
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Webinar Questions

Feel free to send your questions to the presenters prior to the webinar as we have saved time for questions and answers (Q&A) at the end.  

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