Vans Customizes Shoes in 15 Minutes

Van already could put any pattern, any photo, any design on a shoe to offer a customized product, but the brand has just unveiled a new, innovative machine that allows it to take any pattern, photo, or design and slap it on a pair of shoes in less than 15 minutes. A natural extension of the brand’s long-running Customs program, the new machine brings the unprecedented customization to people at events and in stores.

Director of innovation Safir Bellali told FastCompany that Van’s overall innovation strategy is built around helping the brand deliver iconic products and experiences to enable and inspire creativity.

“This piece is one example of technologies we’re exploring as part of our commitment to creative expression,” says Bellali. “Understanding how big a role customization plays in enabling this commitment, it was natural for us to seek out ways to elevate the customization experience, remove barriers to creativity, and make the process more immediate.”

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According to Bellali, Vans wanted to not only offer people as many possible design options as possible but to do as faster than anyone else.

“Everyone can customize product to a certain degree and with relative immediacy, what you don’t see out there is a process that allows you to customize your shoes with an all-over print of your choice in less than 15 minutes,” says Bellali.

Check out the process in a video here.


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