Thermore Unveils PETA-approved Fill

Imagine if you could be warm wearing something as comfy as those stretch jeans or yoga pants that adapt to your body and the activity at hand. Thermore now introduces Thermore Freedom, a new type of synthetic thermal insulation designed for what consumers expect from their outerwear in modern times: a product that will stretch and move as much as they need it to, up to 40%, says the company.

And that’s not all. Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has recently certified all Thermore products as being Vegan approved.

“This goes hand in hand with Thermore’s ongoing commitment to conserving resources, while providing products in the most ethical and humanistic manner to performance loving consumers,” said the company. “Feeling good- and feeling good about their choices.”

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Freedom offers in four different levels of performance guarantee.


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