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Sunday, June 20, 2021

In-Store Mobile Browsing Yields Higher Ticket Sales

The threat that showrooming would slash in-store sales never really came to bear, and now, research suggests in-store mobile browsing benefits brick and mortar dealers. According to the 2016 Retail Industry Report from InMoment, consumers spend, on average, 2.2 times more when they visit the brand’s website while at the store.

Essentially, store sites are acting as digital staff, and the more folks get help, the more they spend, the findings suggest. Consumers spend, on average, twice as much when they have been assisted by a staff member across all sectors, and average spending increased nearly four times when the consumer was engaged by both staff and the brand’s website.

Consumers ages 18-24 are almost twice as likely to visit the brand’s website before a store visit when compared to all other age groups, and 41% of consumers under age 34 said research was the primary reason they prefer to shop online. Of those who visit the brand’s website while in a store location, 72% were younger than 44 years old, with the highest percentage (26.1%) coming from the 35-44 year old demographic.

The report suggests that retailers must look to improve their mobile content and ensure shoppers can find everything they need to ultimately make a purchase, including product specs, purchasing details, inventory status, return policy, store locations and hours, and more. For industries with strong competitor research trends, retailers should also create a mobile app or website that puts product information front and center. Highlighting this information will make it easier for shoppers to educate themselves

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