Spartan Race Holds First Mass Participation Event in Post-COVID Era

Spartan Race put on its first obstacle race since early March on Saturday in Jacksonville, Fla. Spartan, had cancelled 22 events to date, but on May 13, announced a return to racing.

Spartan produced a smaller event with its Trail Series this Friday, which had just under 150 participants, but the Saturday 5K obstacle race had 1,253 finishers, sending out waves of a maximum of 24 people between 8 am and 4 pm. The company typically averages 8,000+ participants on an average weekend, but Spartan Race reportedly considered the event a success of testing it new standards and protocols surrounding COVID-19 concerns.

Spartan’s next scheduled event is for West Virginia on August 29, 30. Last year’s event at that location had more than 10,000 in attendance over the weekend.

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