ROEMHELD Introduces 2 Bike Products

ROEMHELD North America announced the launch of two new bicycle assembly products – the BikePromobil and the BikeStand – at CABDA Midwest in Chicago.

The ROEMHELD BikePromobil is a mobile, power-free assembly cart that can be used anywhere. Designed for the flexible assembly of bicycles, cargo bikes and e-bikes, it allows for easy picking up, rotating and setting down of bikes weighing up to 40 kg. The safe ergonomic design allows for gentle handling without touching the paintwork and increased accessibility to all areas of the bike due to off-center positioning.

The ROEMHELD BikeStand is a stationary, electrically operated assembly stand for efficient handling and assembly of bikes up to 40 kg in weight. It features a sturdy design and allows for the lifting of bikes from the ground to an optimal assembly height. The optional rotation axis allows for endless rotation at any height, making it easy to access all parts of the bike.

The BikeStand also includes a range of interchangeable clamping claws and mounting brackets for improved accessibility and versatility, and is available in a variety of configurations, including a reinforced lifting axis option for handling heavier bikes up to 100 kg, a fork mount for cargo bikes, and a version with a base plate for installation without dowelling.

ROEMHELD North America brings the BikePromobil and BikeStand to the U.S. market as part of the moduhub assembly product line.

ROEMHELD North America will be at booth No. 820 during the CABDA Midwest Bike Expo, Feb. 8-9, at the Schaumburg Convention Center outside Chicago.

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