Renting Outdoor Equipment? Use Gearo to Connect With Customers

An online service has launched that aims to connect local retailers with consumers seeking outdoor equipment rentals.

Based out of Colorado, Gearo is the brainchild of Justine Barone who claims it was “born out of the idea to make outdoor rental gear more accessible and sustainable.”

Launched in May, Gearo currently has affiliate stores in Colorado as well as in Brooklyn and Tampa Bay.

“We are taking a focus on Colorado and will also focus on West Coast, although we plan to scale at a rapid pace,” Barone explained. “And, technically, we can scale with any location because the vendors manage their own stores.”

Essentially, Gearo offers a platform that serves as a virtual marketplace where retailers can showcase equipment and book rentals. This eliminates having to search for products in Google, saving consumers time.

For retailers, Gearo is a great way to connect with new customers as well as people who are visiting from out of town. Gearo offers increased exposure and the chance to attract unique online visitors.

While all companies are welcome to apply for this service, Gearo is currently screening  companies for quality purposes.