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PROSPECS Launches Technical Athletic Footwear In North America

PROSPECS, manufacturer of innovative technical athletic footwear, is introducing its specialized shoes to North America. Setting PROSPECS apart from its competition is the MoveFrame technology within the shoes, which cradles the foot and corrects mechanical imbalance for an extraordinarily secure and comfortable walking experience.

Designed for fitness walkers, recreational walkers and professionals who spend all day on their feet have touted the PROSPECS walking line features multiple midsole layers, where the MoveFrametechnology extends throughout to envelop the foot, providing stability and comfort, says the company. PROSPECS proprietary Flubber material provides maximum cushioning and durability.

“We are delighted to bring PROSPECS to North America,” said Bonnie Meyers, PROSPECS Director of Sales. “I am really impressed by the technology, but I’m amazed by the comfort and feel of the shoe. I find myself walking more often and more efficiently, without the instability I often felt in running shoes.”

 According to the company, PROSPECS has crafted a line of technical footwear that addresses the specific biomechanical differences between walking and running. A unique midsole and heel designs offer stability and added cushioning at the exact ground contact angle of a walking stride, with enhanced flexibility to promote proper toe push-off. This creates a much more efficient walking stride, propelling the user straight-forward.

 PROSPECS touts lab analysis lending scientific support for improved foot alignment, improved impact absorption, and reduction of peak angular displacements. These studies have shown that the technology within the PROSPECS walking line accurately addresses the needs of the wearer.

Founded in 1981 in Korea, PROSPECS aims to show those who walk in their running sneakers, either for exercise, work or daily commutes, that the comfort and benefits of walking specific PROSPECS footwear are abundant and unparalleled.

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