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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Panther Data Launches Bias Alert IT Tool

Panther Data Solutions, a new minority-owned tech company launched by Black Progress Matters’ Minority-Business Incubation Program, announced the rollout of its highly anticipated Racial Bias Alert tool.

While most organizations have racial bias response protocols and remediation strategies, Panther Data Solutions’ Racial Bias Alert is the first solution to provide an immediate deterrent to racial bias in an organization.

Racial Bias Alert enables leading organizations to have an instant impact in eliminating racial bias in the workplace by monitoring internal communications [e.g. email, text messages, etc.] for any indication of racial bias.

“In addition to being the right thing to do – the reduction and elimination of racial bias or discriminatory incidents is now a business necessity.  In the current social and political climate, maintaining the highest standards for an organization’s behavior is critical to the overarching success of any business.  Beyond the obvious legal risks, the potential for unresolved racial bias to damage an organization’s morale, recruiting, and reputation is high, and our Racial Bias Alert cloud-delivered solution provides an instant and ongoing remedy.  It’s a game-changer for organizations that are truly committed to eliminating racial bias,”  said Dean Haynesworth, CEO of Panther Data Solutions and the Executive Minority Founder of Black Progress Matters [BPM].

Panther Data Solutions’ Racial Bias Alert has been built on Supervisor technology, which is used by the world’s leading organizations, including Fortune 100 financial, energy and pharmaceutical companies (primarily to ensure compliance in high-stakes regulatory environments, such as SEC 17a-4, FINRA, and FERC; detecting and reporting cases of insider trading and other inappropriate behaviors regarding the buying and selling of securities).

Panther Data Solutions’ clients can use this technology for the monitoring of a range of communications and behaviors required for compliance regulations, and, of course, one of the most important applications is monitoring for indications of discrimination and racial bias.

According to a study by Coqual (previously the Center for Talent Innovation), black professionals, more than any other race, are more likely to experience racial bias in the workplace.  The Panther Data Solutions team aims to bring to light these issues and be a catalyst for positive change.


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