Ombraz Sunglasses Plants 1 Million Trees

This Earth Day, Ombraz Sunglasses, the Armless Sunglass vanguard, will pass a milestone. In its mission to deliver a net positive impact for the planet, Ombraz, along with its tree planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, will plant its one-millionth tree.

Since launching on Indiegogo in 2018, the brand promised to plant 20 mangrove trees per pair of Ombraz sold. Over the course of one year, 1 million mangrove trees sequester up to 27 million pounds of carbon from the atmosphere, the equivalent of 22,000 flights from Los Angeles to New York City.

Through this brand partnership, Eden Reforestation Projects works directly with local communities in Madagascar, empowering individuals with sustainable livelihood options through mangrove restoration efforts. “These natural environment restoration efforts are a key part of ensuring communities benefit from the landscape they depend on. As we continue our work, we give a big thank you to Ombraz and the positive impact they help create,” said Sabrina Endicott, of the Eden Reforestation Projects.

Recently, Ombraz hired Greenticket to perform a third-party analysis of the brand’s carbon footprint and sustainable practices. The audit uncovered a staggering statistic. Through the tree planting efforts, 1,713 times more carbon is sequestered from the atmosphere than is required to produce and deliver a pair of Ombraz to a customer’s doorstep.

From the beginning, Ombraz co-founders Jensen Brehm and Nikolai Paloni have focused on generating an aggressive net positive impact.

“Since starting, we’ve had no interest in creating something that we didn’t feel had a substantial net-benefit environmental impact through our business operations,” Brehm explained.

“Hitting the million-tree mark represents our sincere commitment to generating the most carbon-negative product in the world,” Paloni added.

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