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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Nathan Runs Annual Run Specialty Campaign

Nathan announced the launch of the 2017 Run Like Water spring hydration campaign. This marks the fourth consecutive year that Nathan has partnered with specialty retailers across the U.S. on an educational initiative promoting proper hydration for runners.

“We work with runners of all levels to ensure they have the tools they need to go out and have their best run”, said Brent Hollowell, vice president of marketing for Nathan. “Our message is simple: hydrate before, during, and after a run to fuel smarter, perform better, and recover faster. We’re excited to team up with our retail partners to help runners at all levels enjoy their individual running journeys.”

Run specialty stores working with Nathan are equipped with an array of tested campaign tools that promote proper hydration methods, educate runners in-store and online, and ultimately drive category sales, says the company. The program provides a significant boost at retail, with participating stores selling almost three times more essentials than those that do not use the tools.

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