Hot Bento Creates Portable Heated Meal Category

Sinospec, a developr of self-heating beverage containers, has launched of a new category for portable food transport and meal prep. The product lets on-the-go users enjoy a hot meal anywhere, anytime with no wires and no plugs and only 10 minutes to heat and eat.

The patent-pending Hot Bento is a self-contained and waterproof stainless-steel food container that nests inside a shock resistant, fire retardant plastic housing. When snapped into place the food safe lid is sealed with an O-ring for leak free performance, while rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are encased in their own waterproof, fire retardant structure within the main container. The batteries are controlled by a patented circuitry that transfers power to Sinospec’ s proprietary heating panel. Food reaches temperatures of 145-165 degrees in 10 minutes by a simple push of the start button.

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“With no comparable product on the market, workers, students, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and many others have new meal options,” said Nick Sexton, operations manager, Sinospec. “It’s like having a compact, personal, and portable microwave. In the pandemic Era, Hot Bento will also help customers meet concerns of food safety and sanitation.”

Shipping in first quarter 2021, Hot Bento will be available in four colors.

“Our patented technology remains the primary solution to fully boiling water with a battery. Heat takes a lot of energy to produce, and applying the technology to meal heating took two years of intensive design, prototyping and testing. The finished result is outstanding,” said Sinospec product development manager Joe Ganahl.