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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Gore Adds Non-PFC DWR

Apparently, W.L. Gore has decided there is room and a need for both PFC-based and non-PFC durable water repellants. Several months after releasing a study that argued PFC-free DWRs can actually be worse for the earth than PFC-based technologies, due to the need to re-apply them after more-heavy use, Gore this week announced its intent to complement its current consumer garments product portfolio by including products with non-PFC-based DWR technologies. These new products are targeted for availability at retail in the A/W 2018 season.

Gore´s decision to offer products with a non-PFC-based DWR for defined end-uses is the first outcome of its investment of more than $15 million into research for innovative materials through 2020, as announced last year. Gore said it will continue to offer short-chain PFC-based DWR technologies for high demanding end uses where performance and durable comfort and protection is essential. Gore plans to deploy a non-PFC-based DWR for the general outdoor consumer and for end-uses where the high performance and durability of current short-chain PFC-based solutions are not fully exploited, e.g. day hiking or lift served skiing. That will come largely in the two-layer space initially, said the company.

“We will be able to offer more choice to consumers and continue our successful journey of delivering innovative, fit-for-use products while further reducing their environmental impact”, says John Cusick, Global Business Leader Consumer Garments.

“We will certainly continue to invest in fluoropolymer based technologies for end-uses where it is necessary to ensure high-level performance for consumers who need durable comfort and protection in high demanding end-uses such as mountaineering, trekking or free-riding”, Cusick explained. “We are fully convinced that these materials will continue to be a valuable source of meaningful and exciting product differentiation, and innovation in the future.”

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