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Father, Son Introduce New Generation of Desert Boots

A new generation of sustainable hiking boot has been introduced from a father-and-son team of environmental footwear innovators: Erem is the first outdoor brand designed from the ground up for desert performance.

Co-founder Noah Swartz is a fourth-generation shoemaker who wanted to create a better boot made with exacting environmental standards for desert landscapes and climates. His father and co-founder, Jeff Swartz, was the president and CEO of Timberland, a footwear company that Jeff’s grandfather Nathan — Noah’s great grandfather — had started decades before.

Jeff grew up in the family business, working summers in the factory for his uncle and his dad, Sidney— Noah’s grandfather —who is also an investor in Erem. Jeff led Timberland for more than a decade as CEO before selling the business in 2011 to VF Corp.

After decades building an iconic brand in the outdoor industry, Jeff thought he had hung up his boots for good. But when his 28-year-old son approached him with the idea for Erem and the chance to set a new standard for how a brand can positively impact people, place, and planet, he embraced the challenge and opportunity.

While most men’s hiking boots and women’s hiking boots are made by thermo fusing plastics together and end up sitting as trash in a landfill for millennia, Erem’s sustainable hiking boots are Biocircular, meaning they only uses materials with 100 percent proven paths back to nature and can be re-streamed at the end of their useful life by Erem into new products.

Erem aims to further minimize its carbon and resource footprint by incentivizing customers to extend the life of their boots through the Erem Reboot repair program.

Erem takes responsibility for the entire lifecycle of its eco-friendly hiking boots because the Swartz family believes performance gear made for enjoying the planet should not harm the planet. Erem invites other footwear brands to follow their newly forged path, offering to readily share their product ingredient lists and their suppliers.

By prioritizing breathability, durability, and protection, Erem delivers the performance and comfort needed for adventurers, explorers, and seekers to fully immerse themselves in the desert.

The Erem collection is launching with the men’s and women’s Xerocole (pronounced Zee-ra-kohl) and Xerocole Expedition boots, named after animals, that are adapted to thrive in desert environments. Xerocole collection uppers feature reverse, full-grain leather and brass hardware for durability, moisture-wicking, TENCEL lyocell canvas paneling and lining for breathability, and a contoured, shock-absorbing, cork insole for all-day comfort and long-term foot health. A gusseted tongue and padded collar keep out rocks and debris while a full-length wood-fiber shank board provides torsional support and underfoot protection. The biodegradable, fully reusable, one-piece outsole is made of 70% recycled rubber, is stitched to the upper using welt-grade linen thread to avoid delamination and enable repairs, and features deep, 6-mm lugs for steady grip and traction.

Erem has partnered with nonprofits such as the Savory Institute to source the most regenerative and sustainable materials on earth. Erem also has partnered with Toxnot, a technology company, to improve environmental compliance and transparency in the company’s supply chain.

The Xerocole Boot retails for $169.99 and Xerocole Expedition Boot retails for $199.99. Both are available at eremlife.com.

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