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Monday, October 25, 2021

Dick’s to Test Outdoor Concept Stores

Dick’s Sporting Goods confirmed rumors that the retailer is testing a new outdoor-themed concept called Public Lands with two locations scheduled to open in former Field & Stream stores in 2021.

“As we look to exit out of the Field & Stream business and the firearm business, one of the places where we think there is a great opportunity is the outdoors, and we’ve been working on this even prior to COVID-19, and now with what’s happened with the virus, I think it’s even more timely,” said Ed Stack, CEO and chairman, addressing the rumors on the third-quarter conference call.

Current plans are to test the Public Lands concept with one opening planned for August 2021 and the second for October. The locations will be in Pittsburgh, Pa., and Columbus, Ohio, both replacing Field & Stream locations.

“In Public Lands, we’re going to focus on exactly what the name of the concept is, which is public lands. We think it’s important to protect our public lands, to protect the environment and this concept will really be focused on that. We think there’s a real opportunity for people getting outdoors, camp, hike, bike, kayaking, fishing, etc.,” said Stack. “It will be different than what you would see with REI and carve out a different niche, but we’re really excited about this. With the research we’ve done about this, we think there is a real opportunity in the marketplace.”

According to Stack, Public Lands will bring a more premium assortment than what Dick’s currently stocks in its stores.

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