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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Dahu Launches Online Boot Fit Experience, Fit Guarantee

Swiss ski boot Dahu is look “reimagine the boot fit experience” with the launch of its new Corsair Fit Experience.

A brand and industry first, Dahu is leveraging its out-of-box fit, the expertise of its boot fitting staff and the local support from select specialty retailers to deliver a comprehensive 360-degree solution to boot fitting. By blending simple to navigate sizing with digital one-on-one consultations with the team from Dahu’s Swiss and Colorado offices, the Corsair Fit Experience allows customers the unique opportunity to create a direct relationship with the brand, said the company.

“The experience is designed to empower Dahu customers to have a tailored and personal boot fit experience directly with the brand, from the safety and comfort of their own home. With the out of box fit our products provide, most of our customers’ fit needs can be successfully addressed with education and conversation; it is the beauty of our products.” said Clark Gundlach, Dahu CEO.

The new digital experience also includes support from select specialty retail stores should a customer’s needs require work that cannot be completed digitally. “Everyone’s feet are different and sometimes additional work may be needed. We have partnered with select specialty retailers to provide in-store service when needed at no cost to the customer,” continued Gundlach.

The Corsair Fit Experience, as well as the ‘Quadpay’ consumer payment solution that launched this week on Dahu’s updated ecommerce website, is complimentary and comes with a 100% fit guarantee, said the brand.

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