Centric Passes Ultimate Ski Test with New Field Testing Mobile App

The SKI Magazine Gear Test for fall 2018 is out, and this year’s test data was collected and analyzed using Centric Software’s Field Testing App.

This new app works seamlessly with Centric’s PLM platform or, alternatively, can be used as a stand-alone solution, such as in the case of SKI Magazine. Centric’s Field Testing App is unique on the market and is designed to help apparel, hard goods, footwear and specialty sport companies track the usage and performance of prototypes and samples of clothing, footwear and hard goods.

Each spring, SKI Magazine runs rigorous product testing procedures to assess new and updated gear for the following fall season. Previously all testing results were recorded by hand on paper cards that had to be kept safe and dry in wet, outdoor conditions with responses then manually collated for 5-10 skis for 16 brands by 35 different testers (up to 5,600 cards!). This season SKI Magazine turned to Centric Software to make the process simpler and more efficient.

“The Centric app streamlined our ski test, reduced our margin of error and gave us instant feedback on the models we tested. Testers loved not having to ski with a stack of cards and pencils stuffed in their pockets, too.” Kim Beekman, Senior Editor SKI Magazine.

Humberto Roa, VP of Innovation at Centric Software explains, “Tracking the location and availability of prototypes and wear tester performance feedback are critically important yet typically accomplished with a mishmash of methods. Centric’s new Field Testing App provides an innovative solution for product performance feedback.”

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“Centric’s new Field Testing App is a unique example of how capturing data live, in the moment, is not only incredibly valuable but also a natural way of working. This app will help reduce costs while also improving product innovation and performance; which are ultimately keystones of great brands,” says Matt Nakari, Sales Executive at Centric.

“Our goal is to create powerful new ways of working to enable brands, retailers and manufacturers to become closer to their customers, create better products and grow,” ends Nakari.


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