CADEX Supports Local Dealers with Margin Share

CADEX, a manufacturer of high-performance cycling products, announced the launch of an e-commerce platform designed to be both a seamless online channel for consumers as well as one that is profitable for CADEX retailers. Through the platform, 100 percent of the profit margin generated from an online sale is being shared with the consumer’s nearest CADEX retailer.

“We’re happy to be launching our e-commerce platform at a time when our retailers need all the help they can get,” remarked Dan Thomas, gear business manager at CADEX. “We know riders are eager to get on the road and back into shops but, in the months ahead, may also prefer the convenience of shopping for key products online. With CADEX’s new e-commerce functionality, we’re able to offer riders the best of both worlds: the ease of shopping online and getting the product sent right to their door as well as the opportunity to support their local shops with our margin share initiative.”

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When a consumer purchases a CADEX wheelset, saddle, or tire set on the CADEX website, it ships directly to the customer. The closest stocking retailer to the consumer (within a 100-mile radius) then receives full margin credit on the items purchased. The only requirements for the retailer to receive this margin share are a 12-month purchasing history in the item series and a good account standing in payables.

Details on all the CADEX products, along with warranty and incident replacement information, can be found on the CADEX website at