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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

BioLite AlpenGlow Series Shakes Up Lantern Game

BioLite, an innovator in off-grid renewable energy solutions, challenges the traditional camp lantern market with its latest offering, the AlpenGlow Series.

The USB-rechargeable lanterns feature a sleek profile, custom white and color LED configuration, and firmware unlocked by an internal accelerometer, bringing sunsets and sunrises to the palm of your hand.

“It’s right there in the name: we were inspired by those breathtaking color blends you catch at daybreak or moments like the Northern Lights,” said BioLite CEO Jonathan Cedar. “With our design, users can select colors to match their mood – lighting plays a huge role in creating a sense of space and place and the AlpenGlow will help you feel at home, whether it’s the backyard or the backcountry.”

Available in two sizes, the AlpenGlow models offer 250 and 500 lumens of cool white illumination. The warm white setting uses ChromaReal LED Technology, emitting broad-spectrum light for accurate color rendering in lowlight conditions, a detail that comes in handy for activities like nighttime cooking and photography.

Give that same warm white setting a shake, and the internal accelerometer will activate Candle Flicker mode, ideal for moments when an open flame is not available or permitted.

“The internal accelerometer is a really fun detail, but it also does a ton of work for the user,” said VP of Product Management Ryan Gist. “It enables you to interact with the unit in a hands-on way and access a whole range of settings like candle flicker, colorful party mode, and fireworks mode without having to navigate a bunch of buttons.”

The AlpenGlow is perfect for camping, travel, and outdoor entertaining. Both models are functional and mesmerizing. They feature an IPX4 rating, a nesting hook for easy hanging, and USB charge-out capabilities enabling users to keep devices charged or connect to BioLite SiteLights for easy overhead lighting. BioLite’s fun, feature-packed AlpenGlow Series can be found at select retailers and BioLiteEnergy.com.

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