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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sport Climbing Punches Ticket for Tokyo Olympics

Sport Climbing was one of the eight sports shortlisted by the Tokyo 2020 Additional Event Programme Panel. On August 7-8 2015, they presented their bid in Tokyo. Last week, Sport Climbing was officially proposed as a new sport for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games by the Tokyo 2020 Additional Event Programme Panel.

“It is a great honor to have been chosen. We thank the Tokyo 2020 Additional Event Programme Panel for this fantastic opportunity and the recognition within the Olympic Movement,” said Marco Scolaris, president of the International Federation of Sport Climbing. “Of course, there is still a long way to go, and all of us at the IFSC are deeply committed to meeting the challenges ahead. Together with our athletes and the National Federations, we are reaching new heights.”

It is also the recognition of the tremendous growth of Sport Climbing in recent years. Worldwide, the sport counted 25 million climbers in 2013, while in 2015, figures are estimated at 35 million. Half of participants are under 25 years of age.

On August 7-8, IFSC and JMA (Japanese Mountaineering Association) representatives met the Tokyo 2020 Additional Event Programme Panel and joined forces to show that Sport Climbing perfectly embodies the Olympic Movement and its core values, as well as its youth appeal and popularity in the Japanese society.

Sport Climbing can be practiced anywhere, says the group. It’s a worldwide sport, enthusiasts are present in a huge number of countries. It’s a sport for the young, popular and also good for developing strength, flexibility and analytical skills. As a competitive sport, events can be held in spectacular venues for breathtaking shows, inciting intense emotions in the spectators. Last but not least, it represents the only basic human movement not yet included in the Olympic Games, says IFSC. “Sport Climbing brings the missing vertical dimension to the world’s most prestigious sport event.”

“Now more than ever, we are convinced that Sport Climbing would be the perfect complement to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games program, and be a source of inspiration to the 500,000 Japanese climbers and all the spectators who will discover this sport in real conditions”

said Yagihara Kunio, JMA President.


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