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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Wild Country Releases the First Bi‑Directional, Auto-Locking Belay Device

Wild Country says it has set a new standard for safety with the introduction of the new Revo Belay Device. Designed to overcome mis-loading the rope (one of the most common causes for belay-related accidents), the Revo will pay out, lock and keep the rope aligned for smooth and precise operating.

The bi-directional Revo elevates safety with a patented inertia reel, which Wild Country call “a panic-proof, locking fall arrest mechanism designed to activate the system and arrest a fall without damaging the rope.”

Developed with compatibility in mind, the Revo can accommodate a range of rope sizes, from 8.5-11mm, and works with any locking carabineer size. Additionally, the device handles like a traditional belay plate, making it extremely intuitive to use across all experience levels from the novice to expert level.

“In designing the Revo, our focus was to create a practical and purposeful tool that would instill confidence and support an overall improved belaying experience,” says Wild County Design Engineer, James Wilson. “The innovative design enabled us to incorporate an additional layer of safety, while retaining the intuitive handling of a basic belay plate.”


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