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Friday, June 18, 2021

Sven Can See Enters Partnership with Eartheasy

Sven Can See, a provider of visibility safety product for all temperatures, has acquired a new national multi-channel distributor, Eartheasy Ltd. The full range of Sven Can See products will now be available through Eartheasy Ltd, known for its “Solutions for Sustainable Living.”

Born out of necessity, Sven Can See is not just a product for comfort, but it also prevents hazardous circumstances caused by fog and frost on lenses. Sven Can See is an overall safety product that is both kid-friendly and eco-safe.

Geared towards avid outdoor enthusiasts, Eartheasy is recognized for providing innovative products for the environmentally-conscious. Since inception, the company’s goal has been to help people improve their quality of life by offering information and products for sustainable living. Similar to Sven Can See®, Eartheasy’s overall mission is to bring a necessity to the mass consumer market. Eartheasy’s catalog includes resourceful products such as The Scrubba Wash Bag, LifeStraw and Abeego.

“Launching Sven Can See® at Eartheasy is a great new chapter for our company. It is clear our product represents the values of necessity, safety and originality – all things in which Eartheasy looks for when bringing in a new product,” stated Scott Newman, President and CEO of Sven Can See.

“We’re excited with this new partnership. Sven Can See is a breakthrough product line which meets the needs of anyone who’s experienced fogged eyewear,” said Ben Seaman, CEO of Eartheasy Ltd. “We’ve heard from passionate customers how it helps them to see safely, so we’re looking forward to bringing Sven to a much wider audience just in time for winter.”

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