SOG’s Product Updates Shed Light on New Brand Direction

As Studies and Observations Group (SOG) undergoes an in-depth brand transformation in 2020, it introduces new knives and multi-tools. Leading off the new introductions are total redesigns of three favorite SOG assisted-opening folding knives: the Flash AT, Aegis AT (pictured) and Trident AT.
Each model feature SOG’s newly developed Assisted Technology XR locking mechanism (AT-XR Lock), are fully ambidextrous and use titanium nitride coated cryogenically heat-treated D2 stainless steel. The newest versions of these best-selling knives deliver real-world solutions for three clearly defined segments of SOG users: Flash AT for daily carry, Aegis AT for outdoor users and Trident AT for professionals.
“Previous versions of these three knives have been among the most popular in the SOG lineup for about a decade,” said Jonathan Wegner, vice president of brand, who leads the new design direction and oversees product strategy at SOG. “Because they clearly represent each of our three user groups, they were the most obvious to kick off our entirely new product and brand approach.”
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Each of SOG’s new offerings are the culmination of insights and feedback provided by SOG’s cadre of subject matter experts, made up of professional, outdoor and everyday carry specialists. SOG applies a process of study, observe, understand, apply and repeat, that begins with a deep dive with users, before committing to any design solution, explained the company. Updating branding includes new and distinct visual brand language.

MSRP for the three folders are Flash AT ($83.95), Aegis AT ($94.95) and Trident AT ($105.95).

“These three knives set the table for our 2020 line that puts us on a course to push new boundaries,” said Wegner “This is just the beginning of our pursuit to design solutions that will equip people for greater purpose.”