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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Rural Cloth, CMC Brands Announce Strategic Partnership

CMC Brands and Rural Cloth announced a joint partnership leveraging strategic operational efficiencies to spur further growth of both organizations. CMC Brands will assist Rural Cloth with a custom product line expansion to complement its iconic cap and T-shirt programs, as well as serve as Rural Cloth’s warehousing and fulfillment provider.

CMC Brands, known as California Manufacturing Co. for many decades, is a manufacturer of men’s and women’s apparel focused on designing premium apparel with a classic Americana appeal.  Rural Cloth will join brands Dakota Grizzly and Canyon Guide Outfitters, within the CMC Brands management group.

“This partnership gives Rural Cloth economies of scale and years of experience that a young company could only dream of,” said Chad Carman, Rural Cloth COO. “CMC Brands has operated successfully for three generations and provides an incredible level of knowledge and expertise.”

“We have over 75 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution and a passion for Americana apparel that reflects our own textile roots in the Midwest. This strategic partnership is a perfect complement to our mutual vision and goals.” explained CMC Brands co-owner and CEO, Ellen Brin.

“Rural Cloth could not be more excited to partner with a long-standing powerhouse of design, product development, procurement and warehousing,” said Brandon Bates, Rural Cloth president and founder.

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